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New Home and Construction Inspections

Building or Remodeling your dream home is a significant expenditure and often comes once in a lifetime. This also means a homeowner likely has minimal experience and depends heavily on design and construction companies to achieve their goals. But who truly is objective and looking out for the homeowners best interest.

Having an independent inspector can help to insure a quality and safe project.

  • There are key milestones to inspect a home under construction which is commonly performed by city or county building inspectors as part of the building permit fees. The focus of a building inspector, whom is stretched thin holding little liability, is to inspect stages of construction to see that work performed by building and sub-contractor meets the minimum Building Code and Plan Specifications. This leaves enormous room for deficiencies. Independent intermittent construction progress inspections in conjunction with the typical city or county mandated inspections is a proactive approach to achieving a quality home.
  • Quality is not necessarily a priority or responsibility of a city or county building inspector and most homeowners are not knowledgeable enough to identify inferior quality and deficient work.
  • The IRC (International Residential Code) and in our state CBC (California Building Code) represents the lowest common denominator when designing and building a home, often referred to as the “C grade”.  Exploring alternative materials and methods within all the trades can significantly improve the quality, safety and comfort of a home and elevate the home to a “B” or even “A” level home.  This starts with the design through to completion of construction.
  • Building Codes and Best Practices have been evolving and revolutionized in many areas. Insuring the General Contractor and sub-contractors are implementing their disciplines to current standards can only help a project.  If a builder or sub-contractor is not up to speed on these new developments a project can been left with inferior, deficient work and even un-safe work.
  • Having an objective third-party inspect your home under construction and at completion can minimize problems later and leave a homeowner with peace of mind.

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