Home Inspections Lake Almanor

Comprehensive real estate inspections for Home buyers to protect their investment. Pre-Inspections for sellers to prepare for market, existing homeowners and construction projects.

  • Visual Inspections of numerous home systems and components documented in a detailed report with images, video and narrative identifying deficiencies and recommended action to be taken.
    • Report distributed to all parties through web-based program within 24 hours.
    • Link to Sample Report
  • Pre-listing: A prudent step prior to listing your home for sale is to have a thorough Home Inspection perform completed. The results of an inspection can identify:
    • deficiencies that may discourage a potential buyer from purchasing your home.
    • demonstrate seller good faith.
    • discover and repair issues as desired.
  • Thermally Imaging is a relatively new technology for home inspections utilizing cameras equipped with Infrared technology which can be used as an optional service to uncover and substantiate problems often not seen and understood by normal visual inspections.

Thermal Imaging For Home Inspections

Examples are identifying:

  • Moisture intrusion leading to mold, fungus growth and building damage.
  • Air leaks in the building and air ducts causing energy loss and moisture damage due to condensation.
  • Missing insulation in walls and ceilings. o Roof Leaks. o Electrical deficiencies leading to safety concerns.
  • Plumbing leaks that have gone un-detected.
  • Link to Thermography Sample Report